Intranets for Internal Communication
December 9 - 11, 2015 in Las Vegas
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Kathryn Everest

Jive Software
Strategist, Communication and Collaboration Solutions

Kathryn Everest is an Explorer/Planner WorkType(tm), and Jive's senior director of strategy. Jive empowers people and organizations to work better together, and Kathryn has helped leading organizations do just that for over 20 years.  Learn from her experience with companies that have transformed the way people connect, collaborate and communicate.  Increased revenue, cost reduction, increased productivity, improved customer and employee satisfaction, innovation and scalable growth happen when people come together to do their best work.  Kathryn knows what it takes to help employees, partners and customers work better together, across industries, in both public and private sectors, in organization of every size.  Prior to Jive, Kathryn was a Senior Managing Consultant with IBM focusing on social collaboration.  Kathryn's workstyle is open, candid, fun, and finds inspiration everywhere. 

You can contact Kathryn on Twitter at @everestk